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How do you stop the limiting beliefs that are in the way of you getting what you want now? Limiting beliefs are why you keep ending up in the same place despite trying over and over

How to come from or create abundance in your mind to create it in your life! Simple trick to get your brain to believe you do have enough

Try this 5 minutes a day for 5 weeks and just notice what you hear come up when you are quiet. Have a note pad near by so you can jot down some of the things you hear during this 5 minutes of quiet. This is step 1 to reprogramming your limiting beliefs

Self love is the opposite of self hate. So how do you quit self hate and why is it so important!



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I am not a therapist. All the information and exercises you find on this site are the things I have learned through my own healing journey.

I continue to study the human brain, neuroplasticity and human habits as I repair my and rebuild my

own belief system from a traumatic childhood.