April's dedication to helping me work with and move through my struggles has unlocked my next-level potential. Really beyond grateful for her helping bring out this transformation inside me to help me be the coach I want to be.

Annaliese Seaborn, Wake Your Dream Coaching

This program is really straightforward and easy to follow! It is just the thing I needed, feeling thankful.

Jess, Invigorate Life Coaching

After investing 20K last year in marketing and getting nothing out of it....We have more than doubled our investment in April's program in the first eight weeks, thank you!

Logan, Unstoppable U

I have paid a lot of money to have people blow smoke up my arse, it is so nice to have someone tell you what you need to know and not what you want to hear!

Jen, Jen is going there!

Hear It In Their Voice

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I am not a therapist. All the information and exercises you find on this site are the things I have learned through my own healing journey.

I continue to study the human brain, neuroplasticity and human habits as I repair my and rebuild my

own belief system from a traumatic childhood.